We provide up to 10 CEUs worth of lectures in 1 day which allows you to easily satisfy a large portion of your licensure requirements all at once.

Not having to worry about piecing together single CEUs is convenient but we do understand that our events are long days. So to break things up we include interactive activities to keep you engaged.

Our lectures include live attendee Polls, Q&A with speakers and quick activities between lectures that everyone can participate in.

Not to mention our live events end with a virtual raffle giveaway that has great prizes!

Our Most Recent Virtual Raffle

Activities and Prizes

Name That Song

We play 20 seconds of a popular song during the lunch break. The first attendee to successfully name the artist and song in the webinar chat wins a gift card!

Live Virtual Raffle

Each attendee will be entered into a live-streamed raffle that is held at the conclusion of our Live Webinars!

Raffle Prizes

Amazon Gift Cards

Free Tuition Vouchers

Grand Prize: Brand New Apple Watch SE

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