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Respiratory Therapist’s face ethical challenges everyday. Are you prepared to effectively recognize and react to them?
Join Dr. Quinones and Mindfulness Mentor/Author Alina Haitz for this free Webinar!

This 1.5 hour course is approved for ethics specialty credit as well as
general licensure credit.

Respiratory Care Director,
Molloy College
Medical Ethics: What RTs Need to Know
Alina Haitz, Mindfulness Mentor, Speaker, Author, Associate Director, Center for Professional Studies, Molloy CollegeMindfulness in Healthcare

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Available at 9:00 AM & 12:00 PM (EST) on Live Webinar Replay Dates

Medical Ethics
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  • 1.5 CEUs

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What other RTs say…

Tom J.

Former Director, Division of Respiratory Care, Long Island University

As a program director of Respiratory Care, I watched my students and graduates struggle with the NBRC exams. I knew that they had studied hard and honed their clinical knowledge to be excellent clinicians. The faculty, clinical educators and I constantly revised and tailored students’ education not only to provide real world clinical practice, comprehensive knowledge and problem solving skills. Our graduates passed their NBRC examinations but some had to take their board exams two or even three times before they finally passed. We thought that this was unacceptable. Our students were well educated and clinically competent. Why did they struggle to pass?
We invited Dr. Al Quinones to conduct a NBRC examination preparation course not only for our students but for students in other programs as well. The results were amazing. We continued to have our graduating students complete a Quinones’s TMC/CSE preparation course. First attempt passing percentages were over 90% with some cohorts 100%! Our program was honored by the NBRC for Distinguished Credentialing Success for the last seven years that I was program director at LIU.
ALL Respiratory Care students can achieve their credentials if they study carefully, learn, develop excellent clinical competency and attend a Quinones Healthcare Seminar.

Shirley M.


The seminars are very informative and are well presented.

Tony V.


Quinones Healthcare Seminars are a great way to learn and receive CEU credits. Their instructors and method of teaching new and old RTs in the field helped them to achieve NBRC credentials. I highly recommend Quinones Healthcare Seminars for your professional development and clinical insight of treating all patients with respiratory diseases.

Oksana S.


QHC Webinar | Asthma & PFT Update 2020

The best seminars! Very informative and provides all info you need to know, straight to the point. I have all my CEUs but can’t stop signing up for courses bc I love all the info provided.

John D.


QHC Seminar | RRT/CRT Review

The reviews and resources that professor Quinones gave helped me prepare to take and pass my TMC and CSE exams. I would highly recommend QHC Seminar’s respiratory exam review classes.

Joseph A.


Quinones Seminars are a great way to prepare for credentialing examinations, learn more about specialty areas within Respiratory Care or review what you may have learned earlier in your career. Al’s extensive knowledge and experience as a health care educator shines through in how well his seminars and online educational activities are organized. Quinones Seminars offers top names in their respective fields to deliver A+ educational activities.

Hector C.


QHC Webinar | Westchester Community College 7th Annual Respiratory Care Conference

Quinones Healthcare seminars is filled with very knowledgeable speakers, Doctors and Respiratory therapists with expertise in many different areas such as pediatrics, cardiology and critical care to name a few. And of course, Mr. Quiñones who is one, if not the most knowledgeable professor I have met. In addition he is very friendly, respectful and above all professional! For the past 4-5 years I attended his seminars and recommend it to anyone! They truly bring excellence to teaching!

QHC RT Reviews

Margie S.


QHC Seminar | Asthma Educator Review

It is my pleasure to recommend Quinones Healthcare Seminars. Aside from informative, it pin points certain areas that are vital to passing exams. I took the seminar for asthma educator, and passed the exam 1 week later! The educators are great, detailed and explain everything with clarity. I recommend Quinones Healthcare Seminars to anyone who is seeking passing an exam or completing CEUs.

QHC RT Reviews

Maggie D.


QHC Webinar | Westchester Community College 7th Annual Respiratory Care Conference

I’m anticipating this year’s WCC conference because having experienced the COVID-19 pandemic in NYC, I know with 100% confidence that delivering quality respiratory care to those patients who need it is essential in providing the best medical care a healthcare institute can provide. institute can provide.
QHC Seminars provide a line-up of passionate and knowledgeable RRTs and MDs who value this same input to the care plan AND they deliver well orchestrated lectures on topics of the moment in our profession!

QHC RT Reviews

Nina S.


QHC Webinar | RRT/CRT Review

I passed the credentialing exams (again) thanks to Quinones Seminars! 30 years ago I was an RT student and I took a 19 year hiatus from the field. I was required to retake the credentialing exam(s). 😳 I invested in Quinones Seminars to assure that I would Pass the First Time! I would recommend that you do the same.

Jodi T.


QHC Webinar Replay | Medical Ethics: What RTs Need to Know

Thank you. I appreciate your website offering these mandatory ceus for respiratory for free. Usually we only get them by attending in person seminars (which is impossible due to covid) I have watched several online ceus through different companies but this was the easiest one I must say. I’ve recommended to all my respiratory peers.

QHC RT Reviews

Victor E.


QHC Seminar | RRT/CRT Review

QHC Seminars helped me in so many different ways to pass my registry exam. Dr. Quinones is very knowledgeable and engaging. Highly recommended.

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